91 Year Old Terminally Ill Hospital Patient Knits Over 9000 Winter Hats For The Homeless

“Why do I do it? It just makes me feel good,” Morrie Boogart said when asked why he spends his days knitting hats for the homeless. Morrie is a terminally ill patient at the Cambridge Manor hospice care facility in Michigan, and rather than focusing on his life ending, he chooses to focus on helping to relieve some of the suffering of the homeless.

As Morrie makes his winter hats, he adds a “rim” around the bottom to keep the ears of the homeless warm. Then they are delivered to shelters throughout the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. His care facility is currently accepting yarn donations to help him continue with his craft.

“This has been the best thing that’s happened to me because I just stay in my room,” he says. “I do it awfully slow.”

Morrie manages to complete one or two hats each day, and takes short coffee breaks in between.

Credit: CNN

Sometimes after we have suffered, we begin to become aware of the suffering of others and of the great pains and struggles those nearest to us face each day. The homeless have a very hard time staying warm and surviving the extremely cold winters of Michigan, but Morrie’s compassionate heart has been helping thousands of them stay a little bit warmer.

Since his story has been shared, people from all around the world have begun donating yarn to Morrie to use for his winter hats.

“The intent from the beginning was to give him something to do,” said Karen Lauters, Morrie’s daughter. “I’m amazed at how this is continuing to touch people’s lives and inspire them.”

“I have found that the yarn and cards, that have been sent to my dad, have lifted his spirit and given him a greater sense of purpose.”

Whatever Our Circumstances Are In Life, The Love In Our Hearts Will Help Us Rise Above Them.

Compassion is Beautiful.