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Let Hospice of the Sacred Heart restore your hope today.

It is not enough to have your questions about end-of-life care met with only compassion. When we receive calls at Hospice of the Sacred Heart, from families or physicians, what the caller is seeking is action. They want to know that pain will be treated, symptoms will be managed, and most importantly, that our staff will be there until the patient/family's needs have been met.

What sets our agency apart from the rest is our commitment to meet your needs quickly and with the highest level of clinical skill. We are perpetual students learning about the very latest in hospice and palliative care. And we respond rapidly to your call. A representative of our agency is always available to meet with you so you can put a face to the voice on the phone.

Empathy is an important factor in dealing with patients with life-limiting illnesses, but just as important are knowledge and a rapid response to your needs. Let Hospice of the Sacred Heart restore your hope today.

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Diane Baldi, RN, CEO
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