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Community Education

2015 Lunch & Learn Series

Programs are held once a month at our Center for Education at 12 pm and incorporate current topics of interest in healthcare. Lunch and program are provided free of charge.

Jan. 8 Diverticulosis
 What is it, How did I get it and What can I do?
Feb. 12 Heart Disease in Women
A Silent, Unspoken Epidemic
Mar. 5 Cancer of the Colon
What You Need to Know toPrevent this Common Cancer
Apr. 16 Pancreatitis
A Review & Update
May 14 Pneumonia Update
Prevention, Vaccines, Treatmentand More
Jun. 11 Dementia
How to Cope with the Longest Good-Bye
Jul. 23 10 Common Sense ThingsTo Know
To Live Better & Longer
Aug. 13 10 Medications You Need to Know
As an Older Adult
Sept. 3 Weight Loss Strategy
10 Easy Ideas to Look & Feel Better
Oct. 1 Coping With the Death of a Spouse
Nov. 12 Understanding Hospice
Is My Family Member Eligible for this Service?
Dec. 25 Happy Holidays!